Latinos Speak English…And Networks Are Beginning To Listen

Najera in AmericaGrowing up in San Diego, I remember how many of the local English radio stations would sign off with the Mexican National Anthem. Every night, we – in a very white San Diego – would be lulled to sleep with the sounds of Mexican national patriotism. And this was San Diego, mind you: a military town populated with retired U.S. patriots (and elderly folks looking for good retirement weather).  Growing up on the border, we became used to such ironies and growing up Mexican-American, I lived in a constant state of irony.

I was a border child with a border inside me: one foot in American television and the other in Spanish television. The Pedro Infantefilms that I watched with my abuela went hand in hand with the images of Gilligan’s Islands, Star Trek and Bonanza. My abuela would cry watching wrestling with me because she thought that the fights between the Anglo muscular brutes were all real. But my favorite image on television was always Desi Arnaz, who loved Lucy and the America that she represented. And Americans loved Desi, regardless of the “Babalu” songs he bellied out each week, which called for the worship of African Gods, “Negra Bembonas” (translation: “thick-lipped Black women”). That was TV then. And, ironically, Desi remains on the air to this day with his decidedly bi-cultural love affair with America.

The television of today has changed radically for Latinos. But the biggest change I see for Latinos is programming in English. Comcast, with its purchase of NBC Universal, has become the biggest media giant in the United States. Comcast is reaching out to those Latinos to mostly ease the fears of the FCC that the mega giant will only hurt diversity. But that is good news for U.S. -born Latinos. And those numbers are huge. Of the 50.5 million Latinos in the United States, 82 percent of the U.S. born Latinos here speak English. They are bilingual according to a report released last year by Scarborough Research, a consumer research firm.

To keep competitive, networks will need a new way to reach those Latinos and the way to reach them is programming in English. Comcast Cable plans to add new networks aimed at Latinos. It recently renewed its distribution pact with nuvoTV (formally Si TV), expanding its reach to 17 million homes. In English but founded by Latinos, nuvoTV offers a mix of typical low-budget programming aimed at Latinos.  Additionally, Comcast plans to add two more English-language Latino channels owned and operated by U.S. Latinos.  This programming has yet to be seen, the verdict is still out. But there are other networks in English in the U.S. that are targeting a younger audience, such as mun2 and MTV’s Tr3s – with their mix of reality shows and music. Comcast, as well as these other networks, will try reaching the acculturated Latinos with programming in English. And that, if done right, could spawn many future Desis.

But what does this mean to Latinos and all other audiences? Networks are recognizing that there is a new way to reach Latinos, and more and more, it is in English. And it’s good news for Latinos like me.  I can hold on to my unique Latino identity and I can enjoy my story in English.

Network programming must be specific to its audience and must understand their identity. BET does it with programming for and by African Americans. LOGO does it with programming for the LGBT community.  And now more and more Latinos can chose programming in English or Spanish. The Walt Disney Co. and Univision Communications Inc. are in talks to create a new 24-hour cable-news channel that will broadcast in English, in an effort to keep pace with changing demographics among U.S. Hispanics and reach a new audience of English speakers. The new channel would plunge Disney’s ABC News more directly into the cable news wars, competing alongside Time Warner Inc’s CNN, News Corp.’s Fox News and Comcast Corp.’s MSNBC. Moreover, Spanish television is adding English. Univision and Telemundo are adding English subtitles to their telenovelas and that was unheard of in the past. All this to start bringing the 82 percent of Latinos who are bilingual to their networks. And this is a huge change.

Latino programming, at least in Spanish, was produced many times out of the country or in Miami, leaving those that don’t speak Spanish or who may not relate to the Cuban experience out of the equation. Also, in the past, advertisers made the mistake of thinking that in order to reach U.S. Latinos they’d have to do it in Spanish. Univision continues to do so with alongstanding supply of international telenovelas. And now Colombian broadcaster RCN and News Corp.’s Fox International Channels are launching a new network in the United States, MundoFox.  It will go head-to-head against Univision, Telemundo, TV Azteca, Telefutura and other Spanish-language broadcasters that are watched coast to coast. But to me, like many younger Latinos born here, programming from Latin America might give viewers a nostalgic trip back home, but to many second generation Latinos it’s as relevant as watching their abuela’s travel slide show.  I’m not saying there is no need for Spanish-language programming; the numbers proves there is. And MundoFox believes there is as well.  But programming for Latinos in English is showing that networks and advertisers recognize that Latinos and their TV habits are changing.

We as a Latino people are changing.  Why should we not reflect that on television? We are living in this country in English. We are not just a Spanish-speaking colony in the middle of an English-speaking world.  Many of the 50.5 million Latinos recognize that you can watch in English and keep your Latino culture alive. Desi knew that. I Love Lucy was co-produced and co-created by a Latino from Cuba living in America… telling his quintessential American story in English. And his show is the longest running program on the air today in any language.

Profound changes are coming to our Latino landscape and they will include more programming for Latinos by Latinos in English. It’s just beginning. But it’s a start. Networks on both sides of the language border recognize that we can “speak English and live Latino.” They are starting to realize that many of the 50.5 million Latinos in the United States are in front of their televisions waiting to watch and listen. And more and more they will listen in English.

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The Hollywood Lens is Out of Focus

“One might argue we need more producers and studio heads of color to turn this around, but I say it’s writers.”

I’m sitting having lunch (tortilla soup) at a major network commissary as I observe a mob of Hollywood types having their important lunch meetings. It’s business as usual. But the more I watch, the more I begin to worry. It’s not what I see that disturbs me; it’s what I don’t see. And what I don’t see at this studio is diversity.

Where have all the ethnic people gone?

I did not see them in last year’s Oscar nominations — the best film nominees did not have much diversity: [movies about] an English king with a stutter, an Irish-American boxer and a sheriff with true grit; a tormented ballerina; and the world of social networking. No diversity. Which is exactly what I see, or rather, don’t see at this studio. I might as well be sitting in a Hollywood studio commissary in the 1940’s.

There might as well be a sign that says, “Whites Only” and by that, meaning young, white and male, which is what the Writers Guild of America’s recent study, Executive Summary of the 2011 Hollywood Writers Report: Recession and Regression, also noted. To read the report go to here.

While the mostly white young males are writing the skewed Latino stories the “other America”, the ones you don’t see on the small or big screen much, are in the kitchen making my delicious tortilla soup. It’s the young white male writers who decide what we’ll consume, see, and believe about the world around us.

One might argue we need more producers and studio heads of color to turn this around, but I say it’s writers.

It’s the writer who fills a blank page, which he provides to the producers and crew — the blue print of the world he sees. Writers have the power to change our perspective when it comes to race and culture in this country.

Fade in: A group of four dark foreboding Latinos wait at a coffee shop, talking in whispers. “The mood is sinister and foreboding.” With a few strokes of a keyboard the writer has chosen how one culture is shown.

The one group that lacks representation in Hollywood is Latinos. Latinos are seldom seen on film or television, but when they are it’s either as drug lords, gangsters, maids, or “illegal immigrants” or in sitcoms with regurgitated tired old jokes.

However, consider the facts the recent Census brought to light about U.S. Latinos:

• U.S. Latinos are now at 50 million in this country
• 90% of children younger than five in the U.S. is Latino
• The largest majority of U.S. Latinos come from Mexico
• Mexico is the third largest trading partner to the U.S.
• Mexico is our biggest tourist destination and tourism is one of the industries that fund the dollars that buys American products.


So why is the view of Latinos so skewed to negative stereotypes and fear? Because the people that create the Latino image on the big and small screen are seldom Latino.

Sometimes perception is more than reality, and the perception of Latinos is being, for the most part, written from the outside looking in. The Hollywood lens on Latinos is out of focus. Society pays the price for the drumbeat of negative stereotypes that are shaping our everyday lives and building mistrust.

The recent passage of bills and laws against Latinos in Georgia and Arizona is a movement to keep Latinos powerless. The media and Hollywood writers are fostering anti-Latino sentiments when they write about Latinos from an un-informed point of view. They only add fuel to the fire by promoting stereotypes, as was the case with ABC’s sitcom “Work It” where the Puerto Rican character actually had the line, “I’m Puerto Rican, I’d be great at selling drugs.”

The recent WGA report on diversity outlined the television-earning gap, which has widened to the largest level in two years, with minorities underrepresented 3 to 1 in television. In film that under-representation widens to 7 to 1.

In other words, according to the WGA, writers are mostly white and women and minorities are underrepresented. This is true not just for the WGA, but also the Directors Guild of America. Only 11% of all directors are minority males and a depressing 1 percent are female The WGA report went on to say ” At best minorities are treading water when it comes to their share of television employment, particularly as the nation itself becomes more and more diverse.”

What does it mean to the rest of America? On the surface one might argue very little but underneath it’s at a terrible cost. Because when our worldview is out of focus, we all lose. When a segment of our society is underrepresented and shut out from the media, and white males control the airwaves, we are building a more separatist America.

The tragedy is that our country IS more divided. When Latino audiences watch TV and see so few images of themselves, the message to them and Latino youth in particular, is that they are not worthy enough to be included in America.

Hollywood decides our American reality. We consume hours and hours of either good images or bad with Hollywood writers mostly focusing on the bad.

I’m not advocating propaganda or censorship, I’m just asking for a closer reality. I believe the only solution for real change starts in the writer’s room, even more so than producers and directors or studio heads. It’s minority writers that are most needed.

One might argue that when there is a Latino-centric show written by non-Latinos, the Latino cast is powerless to ask for Latino writers, let alone demand it.

The writers only write about the America they know and see. And with little or no connection to anyone Latino, other than their maid, gardener or the “illegal immigrants” they see on the news that is what they write.

Words conjure up images, depending on ones life experiences. If I say the word “Latino” what do you see?

Judging by the media, you might see a sea of undocumented workers flooding our borders like a human tsunami; you might see images of violent and ruthless drug lords. But what I see is different, perhaps because Latinos are not a strange alien culture to me. To me they are my brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, and all very American.

The negative stereotypes also extend south of the border into Mexico. Mexico graduates more than 100,000 engineers a year, more than Germany, Canada or Brazil. Where are those stories?

If the media is to be fair and without bias, then we need diversity in the writer’s room. We need to demand more women and more minority writers. Only then will we see the wonderful and inspirational Latino stories that I know exist. Latinos like my father who served in World War II and Vietnam, and raised five children. Latinos like him, who bought homes, paid their taxes, and sacrificed their lives serving their country. These are the Latinos I see. My uncle was killed during world war two fighting for our great nation. Where is his story?

Perhaps with more writers and directors of color behind the lens in Hollywood it might more realistically represent the diverse America I live in.

But how can we expect fairness and inclusion in Hollywood when we are not included in the writer’s room? Until that happens Hollywood will see our Latino world out of focus.

About Rick Najera:
An award-winning actor-writer-director-producer with credits in film, television, theatre and Broadway. His writing credits MadTV and In Living Color, his award-winning stage production Latinologues; and the recent film Nothing like the Holidays.
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Dads in America

(June 18, 2009)

Let me start out by saying it’s going to be Father’s Day soon. Well I’m a dad and I’ll get another “Worlds best Dad statue ” and I never know what organisation gives those out I ’m a new Dad I just had a baby girl and that was two years ago. I’m still getting over it . having kids is great if you are really rich. I’m just a normal Dad. So I began keeping a Diary . It’s a little tool I call a Daddy dairy. I like reading from my Daddy Diary this is the wisdom and notes I started when I became a dad. June 8th never give a baby chili cheese fries and cabbage salad wisdom such as that jewel. I’m not a good Dad or even a great Dad even though I have a world greatest dad statue. That I paid for in Hollywood. I’m a dad but I’m a not a Cosby kind of Dad I’m a real dad because I had a great Dad myself . He taught me everything I needed to know about being a dad. He was an old school Mexican dad. He would spank me in public, the more public the better. And he was not scared of things like Child Services . He would have thought Child Services was some one who held you down so he could beat your ass and he was not scared to discipline me because when you’re a Mexican Dad you always know you can make Listen son. I hope you survive childhood but that’s really it’s up to you. Not every seal pup makes it . I watch National Geographic. I myself have three kids ….I’m only five kids from having my own reality show. You need at minimum eight. If you are a dad you will appreciate what I ‘m saying and if you are not dad than this is your only warning because Hormones will do you in. Testosterone is not your friend. Testosterone will cloud your judgment. Testosterone will get you into a world of danger. They only hunt deer during the mating season because those male deer are filled with testosterone and they can’t think. They look out from there save forest hiding spot and see a pretty Doe, out in the field and say “ Normally I ‘m pretty skittish but I want that doe out in that field over there, wait are those rednecks in trees with guns and orange neon suits? Oh yeah, well.. I would normally be cautious but screw that. That doe wants me. Man she’s hard , Oh, no. Hold on ! She’s made of plastic, my head’s going on a wall.

GUN SHOTS, ring out.
hunting deer during there matting season . Well, It like putting a hunting blind in front of the Jacuzzi at the Playboy mansion . Belive me you are a going to bag your limit of guys. Because Testosterone does not make you think Guys you will be come a dad. It’s nature. It’s hormonal we are governed more than we would like to think by nature. But you will be come a father you are designed that way and if you are not then you are simply a fashion designer. And once you do, become a dad. Well then remember Fathers day is only one day out of the year the rest of the 364 days it all on you. The point is being a dad is hard and there is no warning at all. Being a dad has changed my life I went from ME to WE really quick. And when I say WEE I don’t mean WEEE! Yeah, like a nice carnival ride. I mean WE like we need health care diapers baby sitter, college education, Weeee. Need shit now . But we do get Fathers day once a year don’t get me wrong being a dad is the most important job in the world that you will never get right. But fathers day comes every year to remind us that even though we are held Dear we are not far from a Deer.

I’m Najera in America.

Modern Slavery, Uncle Tom’s a Dealer and Topsy’s a Crack Whore

August 5, 2009
By Rick Najera

Recently I saw a documentary on Drug wars in America. It was on Showtime after there premier show Called live nude comedy. Which was disappointing because no one was nude and the audience was dead and it there was not much comedy. Anyway, I started thinking about the War on Drugs or more accurately should be called the War on people. Well, I laid in bed thinking. And I came up with a theory. Yes, people I have a theory. on why we have this full on war on drugs with no end in site.

My theory is this: Years after Lincoln freed the slaves and the southwest was settled and and the communist menace was gone, before the new Muslim menace, there was a lull in the action. And during that time, white corporate America started to think and grow nostalgic and white corporate America got together and thought hey, “hold on”, this Lincoln guy really was not all that good for the country or commerce. Freeing the salves was actually a hasty decision with no thought to the principals of good business.

Because after all, they thought slavery was full employment. Especially for the minorities and after a ‘Gone With the Wind’ DVD launch party, white corporate America longed for a simpler time when life was less complicated and people were making money. White people were making lots of money.

So they devised a simple plan to reintroduce slavery. It was passed at the annual convention . In fact, the plan was introduced by an organization called Citizens in America or CIA for short. This group figured out early that drugs would help create a slave class quicker than any other device.

There were two groups with two different wants that would help create an epidemic: Greed and Misery. Oh yes, Greed would create a class to sell it and Misery, a class that would want it and want it bad. After all, most cultures have experimented with some sort of drug use. And the most vulnerable populations would have these needs. Greed because if you show a young black man or Latino man constantly by commercials that they need material things, then they will get them by any means possible. Including selling drugs.

As for the group under the wing of Misery;( They would be much easier to recruit. No education or ability or skills to work and Misery will find you.) And these two groups combined is the beginnings of a slave army. Then just to be certain, add in easy to get cocaine or crystal meth, stir, well and let simmer. Add salt to taste. Then cook for a few years and take it out of the oven when it’s done. . Then once you criminalize a drug addict or a drug worker, then put them in prison where corporate white America has now privatized themselves and it’s big business. Very, very, big business. All you have to do is take these people, sell there services to Nike or any other corporation then it’s a work plantation and union-free zone. Well Then you got people in an area working for practically free . Then you have….. Here it is…. slavery again in America.

White corporate America was very happy with this plan. It worked. Even though It’s not full employment (because only a million or so are housed this way but a million slaves is not bad considering they work for almost free.) And as long as we criminalize drugs and those that sell them. Well, we will get more slaves. Guaranteed. Some might say the only weakness in this perfect plan is human mercy.
Human mercy? You might say how could that wreck this plan. Well I think it’s because if we see these drug people and have mercy on them and think “there but the grace of God go I” we will not keep up and pay for a “war on drugs”. Why? Because that’s compassion and we are not in that business. We are in the criminal business. Because you can’t war on people with a disease. You can only war on criminals, not patients. But mercy that’s always been short supply in a plantation system. So I’m sure they thought that out too.

We created a new group of enslaved people in our prisons courtesy of the red white and blue. Or courtesy of our war on drugs. I’m thinking of buying stocks in those corporations that makes those prisons, because business is good in the old cotton fields back home. It’s Uncle Tom’s penitentiary plantation, but now Uncle Tom’s a dealer and little Topsy, she’s a crack whore.
I’m Najera in America


Deporation Day

Deportation Day

I was sitting at my computer writing, which is my daily ritual. But I think that it’s more like a ritual that monks do. More like the monks in the middle ages, like a flogging really. Rough leather whipped on my back. That ritual looking for a story, a reason to write. I flog myself writing in my mind at least that’s what it feels like. I have no thoughts so I flog myself in my mind some more. Just to know the writing is good. Then I get a phone call and it’s for Carmen our nanny, well to be fair she’s really more of a friend. I’m the crazy “American” that she works for. Even though I’m Mexican American, to her I’m just an American. “Is Carmen there?” He says in a heavy accented voice, he sounds serious. I call Carmen and she takes the phone. She gets on the phone and she’s next to me. She takes it as far away as the cord can reach. Five feet to be exact. Just for privacy. I try not to listen. Then she hears some news. I hear her say simply and tragically no, no, no, mi primo no, no mi primo” over and over again. Then she begins to cry a soft whimper of hurt and pain that I imagine as more of a cry of loss than I can imagine. Tears flow down her cheeks. I assume someone is dead that is close to her. I look at her and ask the question that I know the answer to. “Is anything wrong” I ask …I admit stupid question. She begins to cry trying not to.
“My cousin and whole family has been arrested. The immigration came this morning; I don’t mean to bother you.” I assure her that it’s OK. But I know it’s not. She tells me they have been in this country 28 years, paid taxes bought a home and they were all just out the night before celebrating Father’s day. Only their daughter was not arrested, she was in Europe working for an American corporation Disney no less. She had just got her papers. And she was in Europe with Disney. The company that proclaimed it’s a small world after all, a world of laughter a world of joy.” The irony hits me square in the face. They are now gone and she does not know where they are. They were arrested like a family of criminals in front of all there neighbors to see. They were arrested like a Mob family. But they are just a simple Peruvian family that slipped in the cracks. A family that paid taxes bought homes, helped are economy. I’m feeling angrier and angrier and more ashamed of the country I love and the country my uncle died for and my father fought and worked in two wars for; a country where countless primo’s have fought for. And I was ashamed this morning. I only could offer her the day off. “Go home, do you need anything?” And she just said “No, I should work it will take my mind of this.” So she’ll work like all the immigrants that come to this country to do, and we all will keep our minds off this tragedy. And still there will be no immigration reform. Because we will work and think some how this will all go away. And I drink my coffee that she brings and think. Yes, “It’s a small world after all.” and I go back to work and look for a story.


I thought this was a great article by Emma Woollacott on the evolution of laughter. And I qouote.

” Portsmouth, UK – Tickling baby gorillas might not seem much like work to you and me, but it’s a serious business at the University of Portsmouth, where researchers have been examining the evolution of laughter in great apes.
Like human infants, young apes hoot and giggle when tickled. But can this really be described as laughter? The answer to that question is yes, say researchers. .”
The researchers said that the findings support a common evolutionary origin for human and ape tickle-induced expressions. They also show that laughter evolved gradually over the last 10 to 16 million years. “

Wow, I love this article for two reasons . The First reason being, that people were actually being paid to tickle apes . tickling gorrilas and apes. Where do I sign up for that? I’m sure some one tickled an ape then the ape ripped his arm off and then whole monkey cage started cracking up . Because I know this for a fact apes love site gags and French humor Reason number #2 laughter evolved 10-16 million years ago . Now I ask. What was going on 10 to sixteen million years ago that was so funny. What were laughing about ? Who told jokes around the primitive camp fire? that awokened our ability to laugh? laughter is a release much like an orgasm it builds then releases to stimulant . Which is a lot like an orgasm sometimes there is multiple laughter, just like an orgasm and sometimes there is fake laughter and premature laughter as well. But ten million
years ago some ancient relative Told the first Joke and it went like this .

CAVE MAN #1 Hey, did you see Ug? Well, he got trampled by a huge mastodon while Hunting. Is’n’t that strange.

CAVE MAN #2 Why is that so strange?

CAVE MAN #1 Becuse Ug’s a vegan.

CAVE MAN # 2 That is strange I thought he liked girls.

and these two cave men began to laugh. And then they laughed and laughed or grunted until finaly in our time they could laugh, Just like us. Becuse back then like today a good Vegan Joke always works .
I’m Najera in America

entertainment in America

Ok, I was on a reality show called Clean House. So I started thinking.
I’m, convinced that entertainment will be the down fall of civilization not war, drugs , terrorism, overpopulation, environmental disasters, or plagues. entertainment will kill us.. To much amusement will be the reason our civilization will fall . We are being entertained to death. It’s killing us it’s killing me, I’m dying with a smile on my face. I’m dying clapping myself in to a fatal frenzy. I’m dying not dramatically like every death scene I’ve ever watched . I’m dying slowly and inside. I’m being amused to death It’s a reality that reality is not as exciting as Reality TV.
We live in a world of two many choices . Two many channels. I have experienced two many lives while never living my own . who can compete with Entertainment. You can’t it’s just too entertaining, why bother to live our puny lives when what I see on television or film is far more exciting. My life seems pale in comparison . Whatever lives are nothing in comparison to one episode of our favorite show, On your favorite show, love is found easily and when it’s not It’s just an act break. Conflict can be entertaining. And on every show on every program each an every week the most glorious event of all happens so easily routinely even hourly. You barley notice it at all it’s expected. The end. The End. So simple so sublime. So wished for. The end, that’s a miracle. An Ending. Finality, . That’s’ what I crave for. There is no such things as finality in my life no ending , happy or sad. There is no completion. Only Christ on the cross was quoted as saying it’s finished. Christ in his wisdom knew that phrase is the most perfect phrase that could be uttered , it’s finished. It’s completion. it’s what we long for. “its a consummation devoutly to be wished”. It’s the End of the story.

I long for the end , The end of any good story has that sense of completion. Oh, There our those that believe there might be an afterlife. But where is the ending in that? it’s everlasting life get it? No, end there . Reincarnation? I don’t believe in it. Because nearly everyone that ever was reincarnated was royalty in there past lives. We could not all be kings and queens. Know one with a past life was ever a medieval plumber, or an accountant in Cleopatra’s court. No they have to be Cleopatra. Sure there are those that believe in heaven. That’s not completion, what are we going to do in heaven? Were going to be immortal. That’s a lot of free time on your hands . How big a jigsaw puzzle would you need to keep you busy? How many Jeopardy episodes could you watch.” I’ll take oblivion for a thousand Alex” And you know god is going to put us to work. My parents would’nt let me sleep in on a Saturday . Do you think the almighty will let us lounge around doing nothing? Trust me gods not going to let us just sit around . He’ll be like my father banging on the floor of my second floor room with a broom yelling for me to get up.
“Wake up” Rick wake up” “ Wake up” he’d scream. behind him blaring mariachi music playing “get up”
Mariachi music so loud. Just so I’d wake up and appreciate my history and rake some leaves.. God will be yelling at us too. “Get up, Rake some leaves” I don’t know why I think about these things . I shouldn’t’t think about heaven or hell because I can’t do anything about it . I believe in predestination which is a lose theological term for “shit happens”. How I ended up here. How I ended up as me. That is my real question . Plato said “The unexamined life isn’t worth living “. But I think the “over examined life isn’t worth living either” . Yeah I believe I was Plato in a past life and that stuff about Plato being gay was wrong .
“ Look, that Greek boy scout had hypothermia that’s why I was naked in the sleeping bag with him”.
Sure, I believe I was Plato in a past life there is no way I could of been just some Greek guy who choked on a olive pit while telling a dirty choke at the parathion . “Two Greek guys and a Spartan walk into a bar… and order a sheep a drink”
So I’m not superstitious like my ancient relatives. I don’t watch the stars for omens although I read my horoscope regularly. But with this information what has changed are we better? No were still the same. We have more ways to communicate twitter, email, black berries portable computers but we still feel alone. We have hundreds of channels but nothing to watch. We stand ashamed in the one truth that we know is true We haven’t really changed at all and most likely never will. Every great thought has been said and most great lives already lived. Even if we got on some golden spaceship and went to the farthest galaxy we can discover all we really will discover is that we haven’t changed at all. . Will be just a bunch of messed up confused, dysfunctional people a million light years from a therapist. I’m an optimist . Really, I’m optimistic that I’m right. And that were in trouble. I did a reality show, Clean House I was on Clean House and Ironically I’ m a writer and this is the same type shows, that narrow the jobs for real writers. So doing a reality show helped my demise…. Ironic no. Ironic ? no, not Ironic just entertaining. Yes? Oh, by the way I really don’t have a messy house so it ‘s really not reality after all, or is it. Who can say but it is entertainment

Sonia Sotomayor the affirmative action baby

Charlie Savage of the New York times writes in an article dated Thursday, June 11, 2009 that Judge Sonia Sotomayor claimed herself an “affirmative action baby” whose lower test scores were overlooked by admissions committees at Princeton University and Yale Law School because, she said, she is Latino and had grown up in poor circumstances.
“If we had gone through the traditional numbers route of those institutions, it would have been highly questionable if I would have been accepted,” she said on a panel of three female judges from New York who were discussing women in the judiciary. The video is dated “early 1990s” in Senate records. OK, so here I see this article. That hey, America, great news!. Affirmative action works. Affirmative action works and in this case, we are doing great America. A Puerto Rican woman from a poor neighborhood can rise to be a judge in our America. It’s the ideal my family fought and died for. My uncle was killed in a Japanese POW camp in the Philippines; my father fought in world war two and went to Vietnam as a private contractor during the Tet offensive …. for overtime I might add. These were Mexican Americans that loved and in one case died for America and died for and in the end for affirmative action.

Affirmative action in this case of Sonia Sotomayor works. We have a system that understands that many of the best and brightest might be overlooked in admissions test but their life experience adds to the college experience of the entire campus, a campus that normally because of a test score would be denied any opportunity to attend. All tests by nature are flawed and are not perfect. It’s a barometer to help understand a person’s skills or knowledge. But luckily there are administrators who know that test and grades are just part of the picture. I want a Sonia Sotomayor in my son’s school. If I had a rich anglo child going to Yale, I would want her in his class. Just imagine her discusions on poverty next to a person who never experienced poverty but only through a class on the literature of Charles Dickens. That’s the university that I want to send my child to; a University with a diverse class of many thoughts and perspectives. Not a country club. I’m a profesional WGA writer with severe dyslexia adn bad grammar that would do horrible on any test. I’m Najera in America


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